About Us

Ashram Online.Com Limited was originally incorporated under the name style as Tatia Skylines & Health Farms Limited in the year 1991.


The Main Objects of the Company are as follows

1.To acquire, Produce, develop, install, construct, launch, take on lease, sell, purchase, export, import, trade, hire, any/all information based technology(y)ies, service(s), training programmes, personal communication services/ devices of all kinds, mass communication services/devices of all kinds, e-commerce, portals, vortals, websits, multimedia, email, telecommunication services/devices for individuals and masses, data processing techniques of all kinds, research and development in the said areas, soft wares, hard wares, mechanisms, machines, systems, networks, channels, paraphernalia, for multimedia, peripherals of all kinds for data processing, hi-tech parks, satellites, ground stations, off shore stations, space stations for related technologies /services of kinds, in order to carry on any related business commercially in any one or any combinations of the options mentioned herein above, either independently or in collaboration with any other person(s), either in India or abroad.

2.To acquire, develop, take on lease and construct any property for the purpose of running, maintaining and carrying on the business of hotels, resorts, health

3.Farms, meditation centers, gyms, clubs, health and medical centers, health clubs, executive centers, indoor and outdoor sports centers, golf courses, boat clubs, fishing clubs, stud farms, restaurants and bars, discotheques, yoga and aerobic centers, personality development centers, aqua sports centers, ocean parks and other shopping and entertainment centers.

4.To generate, carry out, conduct and promote all activities of tourism and tourist development and the connected accommodation, travel, catering,, sight seeing, seminars, conferences, holding of trade fairs and all other such activities.

5.To acquire, establish and operate zoos, bird sanctuaries and parks of amusement, sports and fun with facilities of joy rides, theme parks, fun amusement, sport, relaxing, water recreation, eating and staying in and camping to attract public and tourists at large.

6.To carry on the business of agro tourism, farming, horticulture, floriculture, sericulture, dairies and poultries, cultivators of all kinds of food grains, seeds, fruits, proprietors of orchard and traders, exporters and sellers of and dealers in products of farming, dairy, poultry, horticulture, floriculture, sericulture and pisciculture and fishing and manufacturers and dealers of drinks, alcoholic or otherwise including beverages produced from such products or otherwise.

7.To purchase , sell, develop, take in exchange, or on lease, hire or otherwise acquire whether for investment or sale, or working the same, any real or personal estate including lands, mines, business, building, factories, mill, houses, cottages, shops, depots, warehouses, machinery, plant, stock in trade, mineral rights, concessions, privileges, licences ,easement or interest in or with respect to any property or interest in or with respect to any property whatsoever for the purpose of the company in consideration for a gross sum of rent or partly in one way or partly in the other or for any other consideration and to carry on business as proprietors of flats and buildings and to let on lease or otherwise apartments therein and to provide for the conveniences commonly provided in flats, suites and residential and business quarters and to carry on the business of builders, contractors, dealers in and manufacturers of prefabricated and precast houses, buildings, and erections and materials, tools, implements, machinery and metal ware in connection therewith or incidental thereto and to carry on any other business that is customarily, usually and conveniently carried on therewith.

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